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Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person of Euro - Society as the basic direction of overcoming the crisis by Mankind.

Spirituality, Lifestyle, Health and Evolution of the Person

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Nature - Space Rhythms, Quality of Life and Evolution of a Person of the Earth

How to Keep Health and Life under the Conditions of the Solar Magnetic Storms and Inversion of the Magnetic Field of the Earth

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Short way (Fascicule) of working with the Golden Knowledge Book, the Book of Amon-Ra.

The short way is a reading, re-writing and discussion of the
3 selected Chapters of the Book: 1, 20 and 25 (Short content of the Book).

Methodology of the work:

  1. You receive one Chapter of the Book (in our office or by e-mail).
  2. You read it through at home for 1-2 times. The chapter is read for once up to the end without interruption (better in the morning).
  3. Then you re-write this Chapter in 1-2 weeks, meditatively (not analyzing the content).
  4. Re-read again.
  5. Then you gather with a Group not less than 7 persons for synchronous work on reading aloud-Discussion of the Chapter in the Focal Point (for example "White Light of Ural") under a management
    of Solar Conductor (the person, who has read the whole Book 5 times within one year).
  6. At discussion the Conductor explains only those questions on which he precisely knows
    answers. Other questions must be aimed at Development. The book of Evolution of Mankind is intended for 200-800 years).
  7. After discussion the synchronous group takes the following Chapter.
  8. Time of reading - discussion is not less than 4 hours. The general meal is obligatory.
  9. For discussion of the first Chapter you bring your Exercise-Book, the Conductor
    sticks 2 sheets in it, one with the image, another with the hand-written text (opening of a file).

The image is pasted for the second time after re-writing of all three Chapters.

Meaning of this work - "Acceptance at a deep level: Construction, Constitution and Evolution of the Universe". Thus you are ready to your own Initiation of Destination* and Evolution as the Solar Friend (the first step) and for Practices of Fast Awakening and Developement in spirit, in Biobody and in Society.

For re-writing of the Chapters and conducting your writings you get thick (96 sheets) Exercise-Book with cells with a monophonic cover (orange, light - red, yellow, green!). For writing you get ink-pen (ink may be dark blue or violet). In the Exercise-book you pass the first 8 sheets (then in them there will be a table of contents). The text of the Chapter is written on a sheet only on the one hand of a sheet, on the right page.

On the left side opposite to Chapters of the Book is written (if you see them and hear):

  1. Your dream from the night before the Chapter (detailed and with fine handwriting);
  2. Ideas - messages which Come to you during Reading the Chapters of the Book.

All new events, bright sensations which occur with you in an internal (body, mentality) and external world both plus and negative, write down on the left side, as well as dreams. Each information allocate with the individual color with the help of a felt-tip pen.

At the end of the Book (the last 30 sheets) write Plans of the first (current) and the second (strategic) levels. In them you write down questions (+ date and of the chapter, the thesis) which distract you (torment) during reading, together with ideas - decisions which you will learn to catch from Space Abundance (who from 1 reading and who from 4-th readings; to each vegetable is its own time). All writings in the Exercise-book-diary are the Steps (Support) of your Abrupt Ascention - Awakening. Do not philosophize, but work continuously, not losing coupling with the Stream of Light of Heavens!

For discussion of questions of Development the Book recommends to gather the Group once in a week. In the same place you receive the information on corporal practices and purification from Coordinator. At the first stage of your work (Awakening - Revival) to discuss questions from the Book outside of the Group and inside of the Group without the Coordinator is not recommended.

* - it is specified according to the Sacred Astrology of Maya.






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