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Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person of Euro - Society as the basic direction of overcoming the crisis by Mankind.

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Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person of Euro - Society as the basic direction of  overcoming the crisis by Mankind.

Rauell’ D. Mukhamedyarov,  Doctor of Philosophy on Physics  and Mathematics, the inventor, the Main Designer, Member of Coordination Council of Noospheral Spiritual - Ecological Assembly of the World.

Essence of the problem.
Time has come to sum up the next stage of my own Development, my own Enlightenment, Cognizing the World and interpretation of the answers received on many questions of Life. As the Foresight pushes the author to the Analysis of the basic Problems of Mankind and creation of the Decision, giving it as modeling, the space "Ural-RUSSIA", as they say “ Where was born, there was useful ”.
The author accepts - understands the term "enlightenment"(1) as  rise of Kundaliny-Shuckty energy in terms of the Hinduism-Buddhism or as  descending of the Sacred Spirit in terms of Christianity.
The term «the Person of Euro - Society», entered by the author (necessity of introduction of the new term clears up in process of reading the given text), it is the Person, who belongs to the Christian world (according to roots - parents), or the atheist, or, according to last style, «slightly believing». There are, for example, former members of the CPSU who "have learned" to carry daggers and to kiss hands to priests. Thus they (at all levels) have entrusted all Spirituality and the Future of All Peoples of Russia(2) to Diocese - Church. On that their "acquired" belief - sanctity comes to an end, for old affection to «correct drinking » (and not only) was kept.
Here also belongs the significant part of youth, with fashionable daggers on metal chains, who does not wish to refuse from constant beer turn-on and other "not less spiritual" affections. More or less educated Turkic-language inhabitants of the USSR brought up in atheism concern to same group (Muslims according to parents). Other small nationalities of Russia, the natives who have lost their beliefs - naive shamanism also concern here. They are basically people of white race. Some natives of Siberia and Asians, probably, do not concern to white race, but, despite of it, they have accepted this type of behaviour and this way of life.
These are people deceived - stamped by Society which has caused modern spiritual - social crisis of Mankind, as a result of a choice of a technological way, as base vector of development. Roots of crisis open Sergey Over and Êån Uilber in their works(3).
Humanism and Atheism have arisen as the protest of scientists-philosophers against clericalism and ignorance of medieval Christianity. But fast development of a capitalist society has transformed these scientists, initial carriers of progress, into servants-lickspittles of a new bourgeois formation. They are simply all have bought. Therefore the stage of Return to Scientific Spirituality, to the present Knowledge of True Structure of the World and the Purpose of the Person of Creation (that is Creation of the Creator) was not realized. Protestantism has made Capitalism as its own Religion (only enriched will be rescued, that is will get in Paradise). And the Western world started to worship Gold Calf (Mammona) openly.
What recipe of rescue from crisis is offered by the basic directions of religions, scientific outlook and the Knowledge Book (esoterical), appeared in last 30 years? The scientific outlook in the area of World’s Structure has gone bankrupt. The World of the person of 21-th century is in impasse. We shall not think and regret of them, they have their own choice and road. For Jesus has told: “Be rescued

(1) The Enlightenment (liberation) is Knowledge of essence of the life, the purpose of any growth, development, evolution. Disclosing of that we are in limiting sense, the answer to main our questions: «Who am I?» «Why here I am?», «What is the life in general?». See book of J. White: «What is enlightenment ». - M, Ltd. Company «P. H. ÀÑÒ », 2004, - 379 p., [5] (for the first time on English language in 1984ã).
(2) Russian is not a nationality. He/she is the Person living on territory of Great Russian Empire from times of Peter I when the word - the term was entered: "velikoross". Bolsheviks after 1917 have reduced this term up to the word “Russian”. Ancient Russians are Rurik, Varangians (Swedes) and language in their ancient state was Swedish (capital Hol'mgrad, later Novgorod). And new word "Russian" was created by Lomonosov, Karamzin, Pushkin from Turkic, Finno-Ugrian and Greek. Ruslan of Pushkin is Rustam from the Shakh-Name. Minin and Pozarskyi wrote the petition to Michael Romanov, elected on an empire, with the help of tolmach - the translator.
(3) Sergey Over. Sources of an origin of Christianity (is preparing for the press), Êån Wilber, The Brief history of All.


yourself and thousands around of you  will be rescued”(4). I have written it, and in the evening of the same day Lord Vikenty speaks Jesus's same phrase (the channel of TV of the Ekaterinburg Diocese). But understandings of Rescue by me and by the Lord are different.
What is the Rescue? I agree with Ånoch(5) that Rescue is the “Process of clearing of affections and of sin (and Transition - the author of article RM) in eternal Life and ever living Love in Lively(6) worlds of the Father”.
For the rescued Person is not the slave any more, even the slave of the God(7). It is not the servant of the servant any more. For there are ten and hundred millions people on the Earth who search for the New Way of Knowledge -True (more precisely - well forgotten old way). They wish to get Spirituality which can be accepted as Scientific True for very much educated person from 21 century who actually has noeducation as the UNIFORM IMAGE of the UNIVERSE, that is, has no adequate world-outlook. It is necessary to give him this IMAGE. We(8) also are engaged in it, using means of engineering and methodology.
Let's consider first of all the question of an opportunity of reformation of the basic religions.
1. The Islamic community of believers in practice does not exist as controlled and uniform community, as against systems of the Catholicism and East Christianity(9). 
If there is no uniform organization, as Catholics have, so there is no both problem creation and purpose aiming at a level of community. They get stuck in relations, both internal, and external (an out-of-date education system, technological backwardness, relations with USA).  Russian Gejdar Dzhemal' is engaged in creation of problems, but his decisions lay only in the field of an opposition of hundred millions on a line the East (belief in the uniform God) - the West under a mask of Christianity (actually unbelief, Golden Calf and worship to Satan). Problems of the Enlightenment of the separate person there are not present. But it is necessary to give the IMAGE – Purpose aiming, as meaning of the life, to Each Person.
There is also Soophizm (mysticism of the Islam). They have extensive literature. Their Orders more than 1 thousand year are deal with the question of the Enlightenment. Head of improvement without medicines widely known in Russia Norbekov M.S. names himself as Soophiy, I studied at him. But, as it seems to me, Islam and Soophiys are separated. For the orthodox Islam Soophiys are not necessary. They (the orthodox Islam) themselves are strongly clever.
But the base book and a conductor of reformation from the Islamic world exists. It is the Gold Knowledge Book, it is published and distributed from Turkey since 1987. Its "author" (it is channeling) is the woman, 1928 of birth, Vediya Bulent Onsu Chorak(10). She positions herself as re-incarnation of Jalaletdin Roomy (author of "Mesnevy", the second book of Muslims after the Koran, 13th century), and the contents of the Book - as Tables of Divine Precepts for 21 centuries. The source is Tot , Archangel Gavriil dictates the Book. It is predicted in it, that the Islamic society will accept this Book as Continuation - Development of base values of the Koran in 2014?! The book offers the Way of Development on the basis of Spirituality as Knowledge and on the basis of Logic, instead of blind Belief and asserts, that the period of development of the Person under the canopy of religions comes to an end (was already finished - RM) together with 20 century.

(4) Dialogue, a touch of Clarified harmonizes - heals - wakens all around of him.
(5) The book of Knowledge: «Keys of Enoch». - Moscow.: P.h. of "K.G.Kravchuk", 2004. - 720 p. – p. 703
(6) That is in a bio-body but not in thin / spiritual worlds – R.M.
(7) Here is the deformed meaning of the word. On modern Turkish, that is on ancient Turkic or Aryan, the word "Slave" is meant as "God". So "Slave of the God", i.e. the Person is Lord from the God or Co-Creator from the God.Fraktal principle: “What in big, that in small”, “What above that in a bottom”. The Creator-God creates the Creator-Person for co-creation, that is, for joint creation, for life. From here a synonymic row follows: the GOD - the CREATOR - the PERSON. And not anycategory pairs: mister - the servant (the owner - the slave). And the person to whom the term "slave" is used in the widespread sense, on historic facts and, as a matter of fact, is the captive - the person with the deferred death, forced by the soldier - the winner to service to him. Heavenly Father-Mother can not to Make-Create billions slaves (even for themselves) just as Terrestrial Father-Mother gives birth to children not in order that they became captives - slaves. 
(8) Evolutionary Movement «White Light of Ural »,
(9) The term Orthodoxy (Pravoslavie) («the Right (the truth) to celebrate») is borrowed-stolen at conservatives of «Old Russian Inglistical Church» called "pagans", and conservatives are exposed to destruction and reprisals from the moment of Christening of Russia, or from times of Nikon. Murad Aji in the book «The Asian Europe » denies the official version of a history both of Russia, Christianity and Europe.
(10) See site: <>


  I work with this Book already 4 years, and it works with me - transforms. The impartial analysis of the Book, comparison (for what it calls) with other Sources - Practices shows, that Depths of  Knowledge are present in it and active interaction of The Knowledge Book with the Reader and Development of the Reader are really takes place.
2. Christianity in Russia. The Easten-Byzantian part of Christianity (basically Greece, Russia) experiences in Russia some stage of revival, after almost 80-years decline in times of Bolshevist USSR. To tell the truth, this revival operates on them as champagne, the dizziness from easy successes is observed. And as the result - aggression and misunderstanding of that fact, that is impossible to return in «gold time of Russian empire of 19 century with the simple slogan - for Belief, Tsar and Fatherland». So at first sight everything is good at them, for what to think out any more problems? To baptize 80 % of Russians and all vital problems both at baptized, and at all Russia will disappear as miracle (the main thing is to pray, repent and hold an icon closer to heart). They have advanced Metropolitan Cyril («but Cyril has told») who, apparently, all speaks correctly, but hierarchy - the army of clerics does that does and as there are able. There is terrible duplicity and not only, all of us see it.
Each time when I had opportunity enter contact - dialogue (an exchange of opinion) with Church-Christian figures of Russia of a different level, I did it. I gave them the articles when it was possible. But dialogue with social movements of spiritual search is not necessary for them (for the top). All of these movements are harmful sects(11) for them - «we here revive Russia but some public men here impede under feet and stir up people”. Our purposes are differ from their ones, they want to christen everybody first of all and Revival of People and the Country - after and necessarily only through BOC (Bases of Orthodox Culture) and, other Culture (from the Islam, the Buddhism, Maya, Scientific - Spiritual, Universal) simply does not exist for them. But what for? They so have solved from the name of Russian - Orthodox majority(12) (Senior Brother). All religious temples in Russia are visited by no more than 5 % of the population, so 70 % of Orthodox from this number is only 3,5 %. Here you are the "majority", smells as the second edition of Bolshevism and Communist Party Committees. And Mufti Ravil' Gajnutdin has publicly gave a talk against introduction of BOC in schools. Washing of brains of children on base of BOC will result in inhibition of their creative development. Where then Russia will take scientists, engineers, inventors for development in 21 century?(13) If by 16-18 years the brain of the person has not saved up critical volume and quality of the information the Creator - Engineer  will not realized  from him any more by any training.
3. Old Russian Orthodox. Freedom of religions and freedom of speech have resulted in revival-restoration in Russia of Old Russian Inglistical Church of Orthodox Conservatives - Inglings. They have books(14), magazines, their activity grows. Development of external ceremonialism takes place: round dances, kokoshniks, fires, struggle on staffs. But by virtue of hundred (if not thousand) years of oblivion, the line of transfer - continuity - understanding of Alive Knowledge - Practice which can be carried out only through Awakened-Clarified Priests is lost.
The ideologist of their movement Mr. Tverdokhlebov in his survey book «Blasphemers of Phenist» openly presents Awakened, Islamic Soophiys as examples. He has no his own ones – they are destroyed from times of Christening of Rus, the line of continuity has interrupted.   In view of absence - losses of own practices of Enlightenment, it is necessary for them to prepare at the first stage their own

(11) Sects, definition is wrongful. The sect is a current or group inside the Christianity (they are above 100) which have changed understanding - meaning even of one doctrine of Christianity or the decision of Universal Cathedrals.
(12) < http: // >
 (13) Islamic ulems (experts of theology and the religious right) have forbidden in 14 century the freethinking of the philosophers, scientists, engineers. Ulems-conformists have reduced idea "il’m", designating «knowledge as a whole» up to value «religious knowledge» and they have closed  «gates of idjtikhad» - the independent opinion on religious questions was put outside of the law. In consequence of it the Islamic culture, engineering, progress has lost dynamics and has degenerated. And the Islamic society became closed. And further the European countries colonized all Muslim World. And before was such blossoming, that scientists of Europe in Middle Ages studied the Arabian language and the Arabian books and then achievements of the East gave out for their ones.
(14) See «Slav-Arian Vedas» 1, 2, 3, 4 Books. Omsk: the edition of Old Russian Inglistical Churche of Orthodox Conservatives - Inglings; Church publishing house "ÀÑÃÀÐÄÚ", publishing house "ÀÐÊÎÐ", 2002.

Priests at other Schools (at Soophiys, at Drunvalo) to study other Books of Knowledge besides their Vedas, to understand and use the Knowledge which is hidden in their own Vedas. Whether they will understand it? When they will reach Distinction who they, at what level of Knowledge of spirituality they are, how them to position itself in Society, who are their allies?   
And what is the time it is necessary for them to grow up to Understanding - Distinctions? Time has not enough. We already enter into difficult times (see. Weather anomalies). Conservatives - Inglings, certainly, first of number of «harmful sects, pagans, satanists», according to classification of the Moscow Diocese, for they are direct competitors, even if the Name "Orthodox" is stolen from them.
4. Catholic Christianity. And here a movement is again observed. Its just from bowels of Catholic European Outlook, Protestantism has appeared, the technological World of Euro-Society has arisen-developed. Russia always “looked in the mouth” of Byzantium (Dream - the Third Rome), but secretly and rigidly was guided by Catholics. And now this Technological World controlled by the International monopolies and the World wide Web of the Golden Calf (money bag, rich person) has escaped from under 1500-years domination of the Catholicism, the Pope. The majority of Catholics are live now not in Europe, but in Africa and Latin America, i.e. in the backward countries. In the advanced countries of Europe no more than 5 % of the population visits Sunday mass. It is natural, that Vatican, very well realizes the scales of the crisis and searches for "Its own decisions”.
The most interesting here is that dialogue between me and Catholics - Christians develops. Externally it looks as my monologue. They do not answer officially, but politely accept the information and it reaches the addressee.
Right after the leaving of Pope John Paul II (the Pole Karel Voityla) on April, 7, 2005 I have received the Message from "Office of Heaven" that now the Centre of Spiritual - Power Transformation of the World moves to Russia to Ural from Rome, that is the Third Rome for you (for what struggled on that have run upon). In this connection I started to study materials accessible to me about Catholics, in particular Phatim’s Prophecies and with surprise have found out, that it was predicted. And it had taken as a matter of course both by the Pope - Pole (that is the Slav) and by the Pope - German (Benedikt XVI, Josef Rattsinger). Rattsinger have article about prophecies(15) which was written by him being the Cardinal(16). Article, by the way, is very efficient and also corresponds to the criterion of scientific character.
For understanding of global of the crisis of Christianity and Solving of this problem through the Russia induced cardinal Joseph Rattsinger to take the name Benedict XVI because in time of pontiphicat of  Benedict XV in 1917  Phatim’s Miracles and Prophecies have taken place.
But Catholics, squeezed by their dogmas think that for the decision of the Problem it is enough to be united of two branches of Christianity: Western and Eastern. But soberly conceiving people, capable to distinguish True, Doctrines and Interests understand that it will give nothing. Sheeps have left sheep-fold of Christianity in 20 century in process of growth of Education and Universal Culture, as well as once they have left - have rejected Altars of All-Cremation. Therefore there is no sense to sew a new suit for the Universal Shepherd-Pastor from linen cloth of Russia. Radical Reform both of modern theology and all society – Society of the Earth and without Personal Development under the Plan of Evolution of the Creator of even 10 % of active(17) members of a society nothing will change.
From Rome to Ekaterinburg in the first day after John Paul's II funeral news (it has reached me in three weeks) has reached, that the Gospel of Catholics has slammed during mourning ceremony. It is always putted on a coffin in an open kind. The wind looks through pages, and the opened page carries certain marks to new Pontiphic. But nobody expected such mark: there was such strong impulse of a wind, that very big and very heavy book itself has slammed, as the door of a house that person slams leaving it in anger and/or despair for ever(18). By the way, fertile fire of Eastern Christians in 2006 was lit too only from second time with the New Cleric. These facts were Predicted as Marks of the Divine

(15) See article on a site about prophecies: < http: // >
(16) By the way, there is a prophecy about him too. See the appendix ¹ 2 at the end of the article.
(17) The amount of most active members of the society is no more than 5 % from number of all living so the question is about 0,5 % of all population.
(18) I have taken a videocassette of ceremony from the Ekaterinburg Catholics and have seen it myself.

Foresight about approach of time of Revival. «Having ears (eyes) will hear (will see)» - Jesus. And then after April I have undergone to the strongest pressure of angels - to instructions of the Office of Heaven. It has demanded from me to write the letter to Pope Benedikt XVI. It dictated theses of the letter both in the afternoon and at night, in reality and in dream. I rested for a long time, but after public performance in August, 2005 with theses of my most abrupt article «How to keep health and life in conditions of Solar-Magnetic storms and inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth», it is possible to tell, I have take courage (was filled with the Office of Heaven) and impudence from the point of view of ordinary thinking. I have written and have sent in December, 2005 the letter on two channels who were specified. For curious, I can tell, that the essence of the letter was reduced to the following:
- About transportation of Egregor to Ural, about essence of work of Evolutionary Movement «White Light of Ural» and Missions of its Alpha-Coordinator (about the Mission see the following page).
- «What you are going to do and whether you are ready to that Easter-Transition-Second Coming is probably appointed by heavens on March, 19, 2007ã. (see article «Solar eclipses»).
And so has come to a certain extent the answer - reaction to my letter in September, 2006. The information (reliable) has appeared that very high-ranking figures of Vatican have started to study at the best East (Indian) teachers the technique of Awakening (through Diksha). Representatives of high rank from China and «from one branch» of the Islam are study in the same place. So also at this level - «Ice began to drift, sirs jurors»!
5. Thus, the Catholic Church and a part of the Islam agrees that regarding "Rescue" of  separately taken Person there is only one Way, this is Awakening - Enlightenment. And now it should become mass. God has told (v)(19). And this Process is necessary to be established as mass Technology of Awakening. Time of Revival has come. In the Golden Book it is written, that during the following 200 years the basic – survived(20) part of Mankind of the Earth should become clarified and only then there will come the Golden Age (800 years).
Time of destruction - reorganization of the Old World - the beginning of Revival can be prolonged 30-100 years(21). This is reduction and stabilization of the population of the Earth at a new level of population (~ 10 %), restoration of necessary components (~3 %) from old industrial production. Transition to new social structure: (a community - umma, Uniform Mankind of the Earth, disappearance of borders and armies). The end of Old World, Old World order is the beginning of the New (Alive) World (Spirituality) New World order(22).
And you, the reader, are you actually gather particularly to work - develop, or will be only chatterly behave like an idiot?
As to Books - Conductors to Reformation from the countries of Catholic Christianity there these books are. There are «The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch» by J. Hurtak and «The Flower of Life» by Drunvalo Melkhisedek(23) with a field of Light of Mer-Ka-Ba and a lattice of consciousness of the Christ (i.e. Enlightened) around of all Earth which create - use this lattice for the accelerated enlightenment of the others. In many sources it is written, that for creation of a lattice it is necessary  144 000 Enlightened. «Institute of Unity - Amma-Bhagavan (India)» - asserts, that 64000 will be enough.
There is Book of Reformation from Latin America: this ancient knowledge of peoples Maya and

19This phrase has appeared itself at typing 28.01.07, together with a sign (v). The sign (at RÌ) marks the Message of the Office of Heaven. Confirmation of a phrase was showed in a reality, that in bought at 4.02.07 book by Erien Kaplan «Meditation and the Bible » on page 35 is written: "The Final enlightenment of all mankind is also obvious from Joseph's prophecies whohas told on behalf ofthe God: «I shall pour out my Spirit on all flesh » (Joseph 3:1) ".
20Survived in heavy conditions of social crisis and possible geophysical anomalies and accidents (Maha-Cranty inVedas).
21Crises will speed up terms of recovery, that is 30 years, instead of 100.
22Whether it is an accident that the government of Latin America now choose Socialist model of DEVELOPMENT?
23Both Hurtak and Drunvalo from USA. The stream of low-standard channeling for credulous of USA at the same time takes place (they forge money) which poisons consciousness to Selectors with Erzats-spirituality, as well as Hollywood to spectators gives the same Erzats-culture. Not any activity naming itself Spiritual or Religion, corresponds to criterion of Culture (to Cult of RÀ - service to Light - to the Sun - to True). Only the person of level of Nirvana Samadkhy enters into the third mental body of the Earth, - see N.Levashov's site:

other radical Indians (see books of Hose Arguel’es: Maya Astrology and the Calendar of New Time).
Let’s talk now about the East and India. What the newcomer it is offered in addition to known for not one thousand years techniques, practices of Awakening – Enlightening? It is a doctrine - technique of a "general" Enlightenment of Mankind through "Diksha" of Amma Bhagavan                «Institute of Unity», at them the Gold City is under construction. This movement is actively distributed
for last 3 years in Russia, Europe, Northern America and even in Africa.
My Mission for this Embodiment was very precisely and clearly opened to me in the night of the full Moon and Halloween in 2002: «To construct the Bridges between the Worlds and To Wake up 144 persons for the Supreme Service» which I have accepted to execution in November, 2003. I "was educated" over several channels within one year since November 2002. In particular, Guides from India have come on to me once again (in physical bodies) who already and before "grazed" and taught me in the individual order.
In view of the accepted Mission, I study all Techniques of the Enlightenment, I get acquainted and study at various Teachers to whom I am directed with my heart or a hand of the Foresight (the Office of Heaven, Angels as it is pleasant). When techniques of Diksha have appeared in Ekaterinburg, I started to get acquainted pragmatically with them. Diksha on a Sanskrit is Dedication, Initiation.
Actually it is process of harmonization and synchronization of work of two hemispheres of a brain by a method of imposing of hands which is known for a long time. In a Soophism-Islam it refers to the Shakti-Pat, push - transfer of energy, in Christianity – Hands Putting. Pay attention that the term is used for a designation of this practice at Moslems is simply a tracing-paper (recurrence) from Sanscrit, the language of the original.
These are situations - circumstances when Awakened-Clarified Teacher - Soophiy tell the pupil: «you, certainly, have assiduously studied for many years, but a spontaneous internal push of Awakening (Grace) does not occur at you. But you have deserved by your training-service Favour (Grace) of Allah and I shall transfer you the energy of Awakening directly (i.e. from one bio-body to another through a touch and it is unessential imposing of two hands on a head). This push is given after 2-hour lecture about Bhagavan, about movement, about Diksha, i.e. some preliminary adjustment. Diksha is transferred by Diksha-giver in a condition of ecstasy, connection to power channel of Bhagavan.
Another technique of Awakening – Co-Tuning (also both hands) but with a feedback (+ eyes): through 5 chakras is given to me by the Office of Heaven(24). The technique is the process of Co-Tuning with UNIFORM (Christening by Light) – energies are visualized down to the Source of All Real in a condition of Super Consciousness (Samadkhi of Super Consciousness). Presence of a feedback means, that I see and I feel Process of Super Consciousness. Everyone receives the analysis of an own condition and concrete advices for the further Step in the Development.
At lecture of Annet for the first time I have met the movement Amma-Bhagavan. For the first time I have seen Swede woman Annet enlightened through Diksha. She undoubtedly was in awakening - comprehension, she only began to speak - in 2 minutes I have run in easy meditation - trance. Amount of people was much, about 300 persons. I did not begin to wait Diksha. The technique which used Annet was interesting: she gave Diksha face to face with open eyes (without hands) for there was a big turn.
So, I have come for the first time to the first in Ekaterinburg Diksha-giver Elena Kurova, this time she did not give Diksha, only individual healing - treatment. She has put both hands on my head standing behind me. Energy began to enter into me from above, it was of straw-yellow color, it did not flow as water downwards, but moved from above as the piston enters into the cylinder. When it has reached up to Muladkhara (Root chakra), elastic break off has taken place as from a wooden flooring of a stage of a hall on which I sat. At the moment of this feedback a wave of shudder - vibration was passed through me all, the head has moved upwards, the backbone was straightened, and hands and legs were literally lowered - switched off. Lena at this moment has more strongly compressed my head (in order to that I have not dropped out, has not escaped from process). Energy was pure, divine, without

(24) The Office of Heaven is not the religious organization, for the Creator (Allah, the God, Uniform) does not ask the sanction to give Enlightenment at local Mullah, Rabbi or the Priest.

personal coloring. Thus was my internal sensation - perception then and it has not changed later. Naturally, I have received a charge of energy and the pleasure, comparable with two-day seminar - practice in the “Flower of Life” of Tom de Winter. It is realized there in meditation through the Field of Light of Mer-Êà-Bà by technique of Drunvalo Melkhisedek.
Further - the experience of reception of the first Diksha, probably, in 2 weeks. For this time I have attend the performance of the translator from Russia which helped Russians at passage of 21-day's process-training by them. His performance has strengthened my opinion, that movement of Bhagavan should be perceived very seriously. Still then Bhagavan named itself as God Kalky arrival of whom in 2500 was predicted by Buddha Gautama.
In two weeks my second experience of Diksha was at Elena. Again there was a 2-hour lecture - tuning, then was meditative music, sang Ananda-Gyri (from movement of Kalky, so they then referred to) - i.e. avatara, who came to release from Kaly - Uga. All (~70 people) were in regular intervals allocated threw the hall (college on street Umashev, Ekaterinburg) a back to a stage. Elena bypassed worth behind, she was conducted by two persons, she was in a special condition.
During studying - reception of Diksha I already had 3-years experience of a way of the Enlightenment, therefore I had already both the Condition of Comprehension and Distinction, that is Understanding of that occurs. By then, when Elena started the basic actions I already was in a condition of an easy trance (concentration – semi-meditation) due to fine music and memory of a session of healing.
At the moments when Elena in the forefront imposed hands I saw with my back (eyes are closed) flashes of light-blazes. They were as yellow and blue-violet simultaneously. When she has approached to me (the twentieth in turn in 4-th line) I already was in full meditation- trance condition. When she has put hands on my head and has included power channel of Bhagavan to whom it was connected, violet cloud - sphere has shrouded and has filled in all my head. At my meditation I usually saw violet light and patterns only in a forward part of my head (~1/6 spheres). This sphere did not contain mental - personal coloring. Mine meditation condition at the moment of imposing hands and after it has not changed.
After the Diksha, as well as after the usual meditation, I felt a delayed condition. Then, somewhere within the next 1,5 years, I have accepted above 25 dikshas more (they sometimes were carried out  in parallel by up to 4 Diksha-givers) until Ura P. (clairvoyant Diksha-giver) have told me, that (that is my supreme Ego?!) I throw out Dikshas (throw down from myself) during ~1,5 minities after their termination. I did not observe a color sphere from other Diksha-givers except for once at Elena Kurova. But visions - visualizations took place.
There is a difference between Igor’s Diksha (he is very dense, growth under 180 sm). After his Diksha usually begins rise of Kundaliny-Shakty energy at me at a physical level, and I was needed to brake this process, that is possible sometimes to make in its initial phase.
So, what I can tell about Diksha? It is certainly useful.
But, what was found out? In the beginning all Diksha-givers (Ànnet, Elena Kurova, Ura Pospelov) asserted that 5-6 Dikshas is enough for awakening of any Person. That is all will be excellent and for the white person of Russia. That Awakening takes place for Hindus (only 1-2 Dikshas, and he (she) is clarified and it will be in Russia too.
And I saw, felt, knew, that it IS NOT PRESENT and will not be(25). Diksha slightly opens for the white person of Euro - Society a cover of his pot and pours there «pure divine oil BCO(26)». But it at all does not mean, that in result tasty Divine porridge of the Enlightenment will be cooked, because in this pot the person has brought all itself. At some, can be at one of 50 or from 500 selectors, it is already pure ready for preparation of divine meal pot. And at many others it is almost chamber pot.
But oil will not spoil porridge. Everyone receives the blessing from Diksha, irrespective of whether he trusts in effect (to Bhagavan) or not. For whom it will be ? 51 % of the contribution, i.e. irreversible active process of enlightenment will begin, and others will receive 5 % of

(25) In September, 2006 movement of Bhagavan and Amma by means of lips of Acharyi Ananda-Giry  in Moscow have recognized, that there are serious difficulties with the Enlightenment of the person of Euro-Society through Diksha.
(26) Baked cow oil, see Aurveda.


promotion. But Everyone will receive Blessing-Favour of God which at the last centuries should be deserved by long-term sadkhana (service).
But it is also not simply good, it is fine!!!!!! To sing is desirable!!!!! It means that all these years I developed in a correct direction.
Has come, has paid the small sum and has received. If the process at the selector is not self- exited the advantage of each subsequent Diksha will decrease. I think so. Maintenance - excitation of the process by other methods, both traditionally known, and new which we(27) develop and which we try to discover here is necessary. 
Why for Hindus, and probably for Arabs-Moslems irreversible start of process of the Enlightenment with the help of 2-3 Dikshas (probably, nevertheless not for everything, but for  10-30 %(28), but it is also a lot of and well), and for the White Person of Euro - Society only in rare cases is possible?
Hindus and Arabs (see «Travel to Egypt(29) < http: // > ») have kept their natural, naive integrities, they are in BHAKTY-condition - fidelities to the God, recognize his Laws and Destiny which he sends to everyone. But the ill person of Euro - Society has already gone to full Impasse of Spiritless. Thus he consider himself as the believer, simultaneously allowing himself to be immersed in all defects.
Those selectors of the Way who come on Diksha, do not come there from Church, Mosque or Synagogue. They come on Diksha from the Social World of the Gold Calf and naked Rationalism. Rationalism as the protest has once left from Obscurantism of Clericalism of Middle Ages, but Scientific Spirituality, Spirituality as True it has not created. And the bourgeois society under empty – fraud talks about the God and external ceremonialism of Christianity has returned the Gold Calf on a pedestal - altar.
How to return to the person of Euro – Society the condition of BHAKTY?
I and my friends already for 4 years work- investigate the Gold Knowledge Book. Now in view of lack of time it offers the Short Way of Knowledge (Fasic youl) of studying of the Book. It is consistent work only with 3 chapters of the Knowledge Book within 3 weeks. Chapters 1, 20, 25 acts as the summary of the Book.
The chapter is read, re-written in meditative mood (i.e. without the analysis, not penetrating into sense), then again read. Then in structure of group ~ 7 persons on Saturdays each of three chapters is read aloud by turns (so Jews read Torah). And then all not clear places are discussed, and the explanation is given by "The Conductor of Light». He/she is the Person who has read the Book (1002 pages) 5 times continuously within one year, each day one chapter. Has not simply read but has realized Divine True and has taken for the Way of Development and the Enlightenment.
Readers, is it nothing reminds you?!
Yes - yes, it is a way of training with making an abstract which you know from school, institute, postgraduate study and independent work. Only now you study not laws of physics and chemistry, but laws of Internal and External Divine Universe. «That above that is below» as has told very much long ago three times – the greatest –Germes Trismegist. And this tested way(30) (recollect, monks repeatedly copied spiritual books) you get - will reanimate – BHAKTY condition. Further you pass «the Solar Friend» Dedication-meditation- connection with the angel-defender, that is your own Supreme Ego. The Knowledge Book informs you, that now, in case of loss of a bio-body or impossibility in this body to achieve the Enlightenment ("Kingdom of heaven is closed for eunuch", - Jesus), you receive one more embodiment during the following of 200 years when ? 80 % of the escaped population of the Earth will be found with the Enlightenment. In terms of the Hinduism-Buddhism it means, that at loss of a                 


(27) Evolutionary movement «White Light of Ural».
(28) According to data of Freddy Nilson dissatisfied are a lot of among Hindus also.
(29)Travel to Egypt:
(30) I three times offered cooperation to Elena Kurova, proceeding from personal experience of the Enlightenment and its Analysis on the basis of Books of Knowledge. The positive answer was not.


bio-body you keep comprehension of «BHAKTY – and divine Universe» and get in necessary LOKA (the thin world or on that shelf / box of the Office of Heaven from which without turn the souls for the Embodiment are taken. That is in the event when you do it honesty but not formal. That is you work not simply persistently but with appropriate quality, otherwise convergence-results will fail. In language of the mechanics: you will collect the device using details, but it will not function.
But work on the real Enlightenment after this first step only begins. It is the first step in terms of the East "Djnyna-yoga" or Yoga of Knowledge which advances you by the method of the Enlightenment of Àshtanga-yoga (an octal Way). But as against the classical Buddhism which tells: «you have thousands and millions embodiments for the Enlightenment», we(31) offer you techniques of a fast Ascention on “Iakov’s ladder” during one life(32). Nevertheless, techniques fully comply with principles of Yoga – Sutra Patandjaly(33).
For there are the techniques for 21 century about which necessary occurrence spoke Shri Gautama Shakyamoony (Buddha) - «Through 2,5 thousand years the changed world will need new Knowledge for the Enlightenment. Also new Buddha-Mytrea will come».
2,5 thousand years after life of Gautama has already passed. And instead of one Buddha-Mytrea will come to us -will wake up from 7 Suptarishy up to 24 Khakimy (Khakims) from 144000 Woken up Masters of Light.
Awakening (Enlightenment - revival and Service to the Plan of Evolution of the Creator) 144000 Masters of Light from nowadays living on the Earth - is the Second Coming.
Some of Masters are Indigo-children who have kept the condition of the Enlightenment and Sidkhy(34) from the moment of birth.
But process of awakening from a stage of esoterical-ecstasial and casual is necessary to transfer to a scientific-technological level. To develop, test and introduce techniques of engineering-technological Enlightenment at a mass level that is to fulfill Diksha with techniques which we(35) collect-find and develop by ourselves.
Already white Race of Euro-Society dies out physically (is not reproduced), and at a present state of affairs it still will as much as possible be eliminated at Transition (that is will not revive in an alive body as it is necessary).
For those who past First Step (the Short Way) and Dedication methods of the Direct Ascention on the basis of analysis-processing and correctly understood base of knowledge of All World for the last ten thousand years (v) will be offered «May be 2 billion years?»-this is a message of the Office of Heaven at the moment of a spelling - «ten thousand». In one week the Mark at a physical level has arrived: January, 28 in the evening on the TV they showed spheres of an artificial origin (diameter ~ 70 mm), which are 2 billion years old.
Transition is and Transition is not present. Transition of Mankind from the End of Old World to New World.
I have friend yogi with 15 years experience. He is one of those who supplies me the information including information from original English texts. He studied the Gold Knowledge Book within 1,5 years. But development under the Knowledge Book has not gone. He tells me sometimes: «Cease to fool the people’s heads. There is no any Transition and will not be».
Due to his criticism, I have understood sense - Transition is not present, and it is present (both simultaneously).
Yes, really Transition is not present for those who does not want to see (even weather anomalies) and does not want to hear. These people will live the rest of their days on the Earth in last embodiment. They refuse from the Final Examination of Evolution. And if they are in an embodiment today so it means that they are admitted to Examination.
And Transition Takes place really for those who will change the life to the best, through


(31) Evolutionary movement «White Light of Ural».
(32) Depending on your "pot" process of start for 1-3 months for 70 % of selectors.
(33) With the fine comment I have got them in July, 2006.
(34) Superabilities, i.e. skills to make miracles from the point of view of ordinary consciousness.
(35) Evolutionary movement «White Light of Ural».

purchase of Spirituality as Scientific True, through Comprehension of Meaning of the life. Transition is for those who prepares for the future changes in this bio-body: builds the Future, Personal and Social (that is of all Mankind), here in our Reality and Now by each second of its Life.
For earthmen of 21 century other Reality (for escape-resettlement, for wonderful rescue) in our Universe is not present. It is arranged-designed(36) so by the Creator. Mythical Paradise(37), it probably also is the Golden Age (2200 – 3000) on the Earth.
So the World of our Reality looks from the point of mine 7-measured Essence view which have come nearer to Unity-«I am» (as of January, 30, 2007).


The appendix ¹ 1:« Phatim  prophecies» (very briefly(38))
From the book of Aura Migel: « Secret which conducts Pope-
 Phatim phenomenon in pontiphicat of John Paul II ».

According to the legend, on May, 13, 1917 in vicinities of Portuguese small town Phatim three local swains saw the vision of the Virgin.. This Vision then repeated each thirteenth day of month, till there occur something super-natural reminding eclipse of the Sun that was perceived by local inhabitants as a miracle accomplished by Virgin, and, under the legend, has cured many hopeless patients. Only these three children could see the Virgin (all others saw only very bright light), and only one of them - the girl by name Lucia - could talk to her.  The Virgin has opened her three prophecies which began known as «Phatim Prophecies» including following words:
«You saw the hell where souls of unfortunate sinners are sent. And to rescue them, God will found reverence of my Pure Heart on the Earth. If you will make that I shall tell, many souls will be rescued and learn rest. War will terminate, but if not the insult of God will be stopped then in times of Pyi XI another war will begin, even more awful. When you will see the night covered by unprecedented light, know that it is the sign that God goes to punish the world for its crimes and punishment will be war, famine and oppression of Church and the Sacred Father. To avoid it, I shall come to ask dedication of Russia to my Pure Heart and confessional communions on the first Saturdays. If mine requests will be heard, Russia will address, and you will receive a rest; and if not, then its errors will be distributed over the world, there will be wars and persecutions on Church. Righteous persons become martyrs, Sacred Father will suffer much; whole peoples will be destroyed. But, eventually, my Pure Heart will triumph. Sacred Father will devote Russia to me who will revert and peace will be granted to the world for some time.

The appendix ¹ 2:the Prophecy on Popes(39)

«In XII century in Ireland lived Malakhiya O’Morger, bishop of Armaga and Kashel, and in 1139 in the age of 45 years he has gone to Rome for pallium (the woolen raincoat, determined to archbishop) and the report about situation in the dioceses. In the head of Catholic Church there was Innokentiy II, experiencing then not best times.
Malakhiya in Rome has a terrible vision. He has seen, that the troubles which have pulled hard on Innokentiy, do not can be compared with misfortunes which wait in the future Church and all Mankind.
            Bishop has left Rome for France, in abbey Klervo. There he has written down his visions - naturally, in Latin, as well as it is necessary to prophecies, allegorically. In this manuscript Malakhiya gives the characteristics - as brief, but capacious "mottos" from two-three Latin words - the future pontiphics, general number 112, beginning from those who should replace Innokentiy II (it appeared Celestyn II, who was sacred Peter's deputy only five months). Bishop has sent the work to pontiphic.
For an example we shall take some last pontiphics.
Malakhiya names 102-nd Pope «Lumen in caelo» -this expression it is possible to translate as «light in heavens». Speech, certainly, goes about spiritual light. Lion the XIII (1878-1903) has brought big contribution into theology, has written a little outstanding ensiclics (messages) about Catholic belief. Besides we shall notice:


(36) See also N.Levashov's works:
(37) And everyone chooses itself, that what is its Life «between birth and death»: slavery (before paradise) or invaluable Gift of the Creator.
(38) See completely on our site: <>
(39) See < http: // >

on his family arms the comet was represented.
The following pontiphic Pyi whoruled from 1903 to 1914 was canonized. He appears as «Ignis ardens» at Malakhiya that means «burning fire».
«Pastor et nauta», «the pastor and sailor» - John's XXIII (1958-1962) exact characteristic, 107-th Pope in list of Malakhiya. Before election on a sacred throne cardinal Ronkalli was the patriarch (pastor) of a seaport Venice and its honoured  pilot.
Paul VI (1963-1978), 108-th pontiphic, is designated by words «Flos florum» - that is translated as   «flower of flowers». On the arms of the Pope there were presented three lilies.
John Paul I (1978) is named «De medietate Lunae», that is «half of the moon». He has stayed as Pope less than 1 month.

            110-th Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) at Malakhiya is characterized by words «De labore Solis». It is translated from Latin as «from works of the Sun». It is known, that Karol Voityla was born on May, 18, 1920, in day of a partial solar eclipse and the same eclipse happened in day of his funeral.
As far as visions of sacred Malakhiya are exact, we give to judge to you (RÌ).

And now Benedikt XVI, 111-th, penultimate in the list of the Irish bishop. By definition of Malakhiya, «Gloria olivae » - «glory olive».
After Joseph Rattsinger's election supporters of  Malakhiya are sure: the Irish was not mistaken also in this time. The olive branch means peace and is a symbol of an award of Benediktians. Members of this award are also named as olive men. Ðàòöèíãåðdoes not concernto an award of Benediktians, but name Benedikt that is translated as "blessing", is necessary to think, has accepted not casually. It is known, that sacred Benedikt, living in VI century, predicted: his follower will head Catholic Church before returning of the Christ and will lead believers on last fight with evil.
Here we approach to the main item of prophecies of Irish sacred.

Main prediction of Malakhiya says: during board of the hundred twelfth header of Catholic Church (or the two hundred sixty sixth if to count from sacred Peter) there will come a doomsday.
At «Petrus Romanus», «Peter from Rome» there will come the time of «sets of disasters, the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed, and the Monstrous Judge will judge people».
Definition is curious: «Peter from Rome». The Last is called as the first. There was Romul, the founder of Rome, last Roman emperor. There was Konstantin, the first emperor of Byzantium, - and Konstantin, last emperor also was. There was Sacred Peter to whom Christ has told, that he becomes a stone on which he will put the Church, - and there will be Peter, that Peter's last deputy.
It is possible to find out from the manuscript also the exact date of so significant event. Malakhiya writes that the middle of pontiphicat of 73-rd Pope from his list will correspond to middle of term from date of a spelling by him of this work up to a doomsday. Bishop «has written the Prophecy on Roman Popes» in 1143, 73-rd Pope in his list - Sicst V (1585-1590), middle of pontiphicat of which is 1588. It means that the date of a doomsday - 2033. Such passions expect us!
The appendix ¹ 3: About the future of Russia and the world.
Vanga:1.«All will thaw, as ice, and only one remain - Vladimir's (Putin!) glory, glory
ofRussia. It is too much brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia. She will sweep all
on her way and not only will be kept, but also becomes the ruler of the world».

2.«Russia will grow thin and again will take the place », - has come true (-RÌ)
3. «Many new people who will manage to change the world will be born in Russia» - Indigo Children have appeared (RÌ).
Edgar Caseyconnects the introduction of Mankind into new epoch to destiny of Russia: "The Hope of the World, its revival will come from Russia, and will not have any connection with that today is named communism. It is in Russia there will be an original and great source of freedom... It will be perfect other way of existence based on a principe which becomes a basis of new philosophy ". As the centre of a reviving civilization he saw Western Siberia which becomes original Noach’s Ark for people which have fearlessly opened to evolution. "Yes, in Western Siberia already there is an accumulation of a net energy, predicted Casey. - It will protect this Earth from destroying action of natural and power cataclysms. Western Siberia will remain almost safe ".
Drunvalo Melkhisedek (I think, you know this name) considers, that the world will be led to light by Russia since we have that light which is necessary for spiritual life.






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